Looking For The Best School Holiday Work?

Our school holiday clubs are fun, friendly and flexible. We are the perfect place to learn, progress and develop your skills. Whether you are a school teacher looking for holidays work, or student who has coaching skills that you deserve to be paid for, we are the place for you!

RHC Coaches with Kid

Roles for all experience levels

We Have four different roles which you can apply for

1 – Camp Leader
This role is for people with lots of experience. Either coaches, or people who have worked with children in other settings such as school teachers. You will be responsible for the specific camp locations success and safety. 


2 – Activity Leader
This role is for those with experience leading activities in either, stage, sports or solve sessions. You will plan your own sessions and deliver them to a variety of group sizes of children aged 5-12yrs.


3 – Assistant Coaches
This role is for those who are really interested in developing their coaching and will be earlier in their career. They will have some experience coaching and will be on a pathway towards gaining coaching qualifications, which we will help with. They will be there to help and learn from more experienced staff.


4 – Volunteers
Volunteers are often younger members, either under 16yrs or older and looking to enter the childcare working area. We take these very inexperienced coaches and help them start their career, potentially working all the way towards becoming a camp lead one day.


Values we live by


Fun and Friendly!

We know that if you, the coaches, are not having fun, then the kids won't be! The whole day should be filled with smiles and laughter, with other staff, kids and parents!


Safe and Engaging Sessions

All our activities need to engage the children and they should come away having had fun whilst being challenged in a session. Health and safety is always our priority, too.


Constantly improving

We work with all our coaches, with regular feedback sessions, pre club training and tailor made career development plans. We've taken people from volunteers all the way to camp leaders!

Why Not Have A Rewarding, Flexible, Fun Workplace?


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