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Why Book Our Summer Holiday Clubs?

Are your kids often bored and restless in the Summer Holidays?

No matter the weather, Rocket Holiday Camps Ltd will brighten up your kids’ half-term. We can help them stay active and social during any time of the year.

Our staff create a safe and fun environment for all kinds of activities, including sports like basketball, football, tennis, dodgeball, hockey and badminton. If your child prefers problem solving or stage activities, we also do everything from gymnastics, singing, drama and dance to cheerleading and activities that challenge the mind.

Rocket Holiday Camps keeps kids both physically and mentally active

We’ll ensure they have varied days which reflect all their interests. Children get to choose which activities they want to do in our stage, sports and solve sessions, meaning the day is personalised by them.

In short, whatever your child enjoys, we have activities to suit all tastes. Brilliant for children aged between 5 to 11 year olds, they will meet new friends from across Leicestershire, Rutland or Manchester.

Rocket Holiday Camps Ltd has camps which take place over the course of the year. We’re also ideal for anyone seeking summer holiday camps in Leicestershire, Rutland and Manchester. No matter where you’re based in the local area, we appear at a range of different venues.

If you’re interested in our summer holiday clubs, find out more about Rocket Holiday Camps Ltd today.

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