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Looking For Holiday Clubs In Leicestershire, Rutland or Manchester?

Millions of children missed out on school during the Covid-19 pandemic. It not only separated them from friends, but made it difficult to enjoy a range of activities. Although kids haven’t been cooped up during the past years, many had their confidence knocked during lockdown.

These years are a great time to make up for the fun times missed during lockdown. Whether your child loves sports, the performing arts or solving problems, there’s no shortage of activities at our holiday camps.

Quality Childcare That You Deserve

Brimming with life, energy and excitement, our holiday camps welcome children from across Leicestershire, Rutland and Manchester.

If you want to boost their confidence in the coming year, our Summer, Easter, December and half-term holiday clubs are ideal.

A brilliant way to meet other children, our staff strive to also help with their self-esteem. They will also learn many new skills they might like sharing with you!

Our holiday clubs in Leicestershire, Rutland and Manchester take place throughout the year, including during Christmas, the February half-term holidays and Easter. We appreciate this is a time when parents often struggle to keep kids entertained! Fortunately, we offer hundreds of activities to suit all tastes and preferences.

We always take great care of every child and ensure they feel safe and happy. You can check out our camp schedule to find out about the latest events.

Why not find out more about our summer holiday clubs online? Or don’t hesitate to drop us a line today.