How To Keep Your Child Entertained This Summer

It’s a tough task trying to keep your child entertained during the long summer holidays. Don’t spread yourself thin trying to find things to do over the warmer months. We are here to provide a helping hand with some at home friendly activities, links to fun family activities and explaining how we as Rocket Holiday Camps, a children’s holiday club can help to give your child an awesome and active screen free summer.

To make your life easier, have a read below!

Fun, Active AND Safe Childcare

Parents who attend our holiday camps can vouch for us in saying that we provide a holiday club like no other. Whether you have 3 children who are all interested in different things, or one child who likes to try new and fun activities, we’re the place for you. With 3 different types of holiday camps in one in our stage, sport and solve activities, we can assure you that your child won’t get bored!

We’re here for the sporty, the serious, the calm and the curious, the runners, climbers, puzzlers, makers and dancers. What more could you want than a day suited towards every type of personality? Our 70+ activities offer an amazing solution to keeping your child entertained and busy throughout every school holiday, giving you a guilt free and relaxing day! 

Have a look for yourself at our children’s holiday club and discover an answer to the daunting question of how you’re going to keep your child social and having fun this summer.

Easy At Home Friendly Activities

Have you got a free 30 minutes and are looking for some fun and engaging activities for your child to do? Read below to discover some awesome crafts we have done at our holiday clubs that are easy and accessible to do from the comfort of your own home.

    1. Nature Brush Painting

What you’ll need:

Paint, paper, tape, twigs, leaves, feathers etc (maybe some aprons to avoid mess!)

How to: 

Head outside and gather things that can be used as a paintbrush, eg, feathers, sticks, leaves etc. Look for different textured things that could create a fun and interesting pattern. Once you’re happy with what you’ve found, it’s time to start making your paintbrush! Grab a twig, the thing you’re using as your brush, and some tape. Tape the two together and you have yourself a DIY paintbrush ready to paint with.

    2. Summer Paper Plate Painting

What you’ll need:

Paper plates, paint, coloured paper, fun arts and crafts bits (googly eyes, lollipop sticks, pipe cleaner etc), scissors, glue

How to:

Think of anything related to summer and get creative. We’re talking fish, watermelons, bees, the sun and anything that you can think of that relates to summer! Draw out your design on the paper plate and once it’s ready start decorating with all of the equipment needed.

childrens crafts
    3. Board Game Making

What you’ll need:

Paper, card, normal and coloured pencils, scissors, glue

How to: 

Think of some ideas of board games/ games you like to play as a family, children at our camps have made their own monopoly boards, uno cards, top trumps sets and snakes and ladders before! Get creative in making the games your own, you can personalise them to things that are relevant to you. 

  • Examples: 
  • Top trump set made up of your children’s friends but making them into animals, monsters, aliens etc.
  • Monopoly board with places that your child likes to go
    4. Toilet Roll Characters

What you’ll need:

Cardboard from toilet rolls, paint, coloured paper, scissors, glue, tape, fun arts and crafts bits (googly eyes, lollipop sticks, pipe cleaner etc).

How to:

Get your child to think of their favourite character or animal, this could be from a film, game, book etc. Draw an outline of your character on your toilet roll and grab any equipment needed. Get creative and see what you can make!

    5. Initial Arts And Crafts

What you’ll need:

Paper, paints and coloured pencils 

How to:

Get your child to draw out their initials on a piece of paper in bubble writing. Colour in and around the initial with lots of fun patterns, colours and drawings. This one is a very quick and easy crafts activity.

Find Fun Family Activities

It’s important to get out this summer and explore new and fun things as a family that you might have not done before. Here are some websites that we think provide some helpful and great family friendly activities based on what you want to do and where you want to do it.

Hopefully this has helped you discover new and fun activities for you and your child to do away from the screen! And who knows, you might even enjoy getting creative and making your own board game!

To discover more about our stage, sport and solve children’s holiday clubs in Leicestershire, Rutland and Greater Manchester, visit our website or talk to a member of our friendly team today!