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Holiday Clubs That Accept Childcare Vouchers

With 2024 finally being here, we offer a great variety of activities to keep your child entertained during the colder months.

If you need help getting children active during the winter, half terms, Easter or Summer why not book them a place at Rocket Holiday Camps Ltd? No matter if your kids love playing sports, participating in performing arts or problem-solving games, we promise plenty of holiday fun, no matter the weather!

We run many fun activities in a safe environment at various venues throughout Leicestershire, Rutland and Greater Manchester.  It’s not long now until our next activity camps take place and we’re looking forward to welcoming kids back!

Save money on entertaining your children this February

With the cost of living soaring this year, many parents are worried about being able to support their family during these difficult times. Everything from energy bills to the cost of petrol has gone up over the past few months.

Luckily, since Rocket Holiday Camps Ltd accepts childcare vouchers and tax free payments, we’re ideal for parents on any budget. As an Ofsted registered organisation, we have accounts set up with many voucher providers. You can find out more about our payment methods on our website.

Our qualified and enhanced DBS checked staff are passionate about creating an awesome and safe atmosphere.

If you’re looking to book holiday camps which accept childcare vouchers and tax free payments, find out more about activities today. Or don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.

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