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7 Wonderful Things We’ve Learnt Becoming Children's Sports Coaches

Sports coaches play a big part in any child’s life. They’re the ones who keep pushing you to keep going even when you want to give up, the ones who teach you skills outside of the classroom, they teach you how to smile when you lose, and how to celebrate when you win. They guide and shape any child into becoming the best version of themselves. 

However, along with the majority of sports coaches, we can all probably agree that we learn a lot more from the children than meets the eye.

These are some things we’ve learnt from becoming a sports coaches at our holiday club…

Be fearless in every way

Barely anything phases a child. They have the ability to jump, run and fall over and still get back up afterwards, like nothing or nobody can stop them. Making friends for children can be as simple as ‘do you want to play?’. This fearless and brave spirit is what inspires us coaches to help to teach the children to be brave and dream big. 

Don’t be afraid to try new things

Children often dive into everything with a ‘can do’ mentality, whether it’s something completely new or that they regularly do. We are here to push those boundaries and help children discover new activities that they love. Our stage, sports and solve holiday clubs are here to give children the chance to try every type of activity. 

Creativity can be found in everything

A pool noodle? Makes for the perfect fencing sword. A set of cones? An opportunity to create the best air hockey game. Sometimes you don’t need all of the bespoke equipment, you just need imagination to make a great activity that children love. Thinking outside of the box and getting creative is the foundation for creating all of our activities.

Notice the little things

 Children like to be seen and heard, and they know when they’re not. We go the extra mile to help personalise your child’s time with us for them to feel as welcome as possible. Our coaches are not just here to lead the games, they’ll get to know each child, welcoming and encouraging them.

One size doesn’t fit all

Every child is different and it’s important to notice that children learn at different paces. We adapt and cater our activities to suit different abilities to make sure that no child walks away frustrated that they couldn’t do something. 

Be laidback

We’re like the friend who wanders into your kitchen in their shorts to make themselves a cup of tea. Relaxed, friendly and never formal. We don’t put anyone under pressure, we are here to have fun and help your child learn life skills.

Be active

Staying active is what we centre our camps around. Staying active is a great way to stay happy and healthy. We’re here to have fun and when we do it together, it’s even better. We like to win but we’re not just for the elite or super-sporty. There’s no pressure to perform or to be the best.

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